On the twelfth day of Christmas, Indigenous rangers gave to me...

12 kids a learnin'

11 clapsticks clapping

10 monitors monitoring

9 songlines singing

8 skinks a skinking

7 women working

6 turtles a hatchin'

5 golden riiiiiiings

4 feral cats

3 rare quolls

2 problems solved

And a dead invasive prickly pear treeeee

Merry Christmas!

Indigenous rangers are looking after nature for all of us. 

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There are 777 ranger positions across more than 65 million hectares of Outback Australia - that's just one ranger for every 836 square kilometres of country that is threatened by feral animals, noxious weeds and wildfires. Join the movement for more Indigenous rangers and Indigenous Protected Areas to protect our remote and natural places for the long term at www.countryneedspeople.org.au