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Published: 29 Sep 2016

I support this concept because there is no reason not to. Yet every reason to do so. This land is big, beautiful and ancient. And so are the indigenous peoples. I recognise that our histories have been rough and bloody. With mistakes made on both side, but as a descendant of white european immigrants (or invaders, I guess, depending on your perspective) I recognise that they were responsible for some rather heinous acts. But these areas not only allow the indigenous communities to reconnect with and maintain their own ancient cultures on their lands, but also a chance for ALL of us to maybe find a way to bridge the gap between our cultures, and repair the damage of the past. We can not change what has gone before, but we CAN build a bright and beautiful future. And this program MUST be a part of that. The Indigenous culture is as much a part of Australian culture as anything else. And if we lose that, we lose a large part of who we are as a nation.