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Country Needs People - Supporter Voices

Published: 27 Sep 2016

Nobody is better qualified than those first peoples for whom this land is in their hearts, minds, and blood. There is a innate committment there to do what is right and being a Ranger gives pride and honour to their cultural knowledge, their communities and their personal wellbeing in a way no mining hand-out/trade off ever can. This the the most appropriate future for first peoples especially in the the far-flung places but anywhere and everywhere where there are peoples who know their country. So little is known about Australia's unique biodiversity, here is a perfect match to meet the need for quality care, monitoring and knowledge to be merged with meaningful sustainable work and strong community modelling that expands all knowledge and allows for teaching, tourism, research etc to expand economic options for our first peoples. All Australians need this to happen for them. We need to learn about this relationship to country so decisions made will serve it now and in the future.