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Published: 28 Sep 2016

Indiginous people were the first Australians, and are directly connected to the Earth and Nature. They understand from their culture and upbringing, ( from Elders), that it is emminent to protect Nature as we are bond to Mother Earth, a notion and believe that is lost for the white men. Now we find that without this connection with Nature, people have lost themselves, destroying and dumping everything in Nature, a total loss of respect, so a loss of self- respect. Having said that, something that American Indians predicted long ago, and ignored, i find this opportunity for the indigenous Australian people of staying, becoming Rangers totally appropriate, as they are the best keepers and helpers to profoundly understand their jobs, that no white men can compete, because Nature is inherent part of indeginous culture and the source of all. So yes Let them be and train more Rangers. From a white wog woman, who is too connected . Christine