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Published: 2 Dec 2016

i sadly cannot support financially..i myself have a background through great ,grandmother (mums side)aboriginal,and on dads side torres strait islander..this is Australia and I have a love of the land.and feel a huge connection through nature....most land clearing is changing this beautiful country ,and there are some huge impacts,climate..inpacts weather!!~ forests animals which we must protect for future generations..please help and save this vital work,these beautiful rangers are doing..They are very important for survival for all who live in Australia..no protection!!! no us...no bees no us,..no fish..scary.!!!.no coral...we have lost 3/4 in top end?how very much this saddens me.....Townsville fine at the moment..hard to come back to the lush bush once was..now ..lets make this country perfect,and protect whats right...sadly money talks...lets keep some of Australia...untouched by future 20thcentury greed for riches..