Healthy country, healthy people: the relationship between Indigenous health status and “caring for country”

Published: 1 Dec 2015

Greater Indigenous participation in caring for country activities is associated with significantly better health.  Peer reviewed medical research has identified that Ranger and IPA workers have significantly improved health outcomes on key ‘health gap’ measures such as,  Lower Body Mass Index, Less abdominal obesity, Less Diabetes, Lower blood pressure, Higher ‘good’ cholesterol levels, Lower psychological distress ratings, Lower Cardio Vascular Disease risk, Lower renal (kidney) disease.  The article in the link below is from the Medical Journal of Australia and apllied sophisticated analyses controlling for other influences.  Read the research article here

Other work has found also that in people actively engaged in Ranger work the instance of substance abuse including alcohol related problems was significantly reduced


Christopher P Burgess, Fay H Johnston, Helen L Berry, Joseph McDonnell, Dean Yibarbuk, Charlie Gunabarra, Albert Mileran and Ross S Bailie