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Published: 5 Oct 2016

There are so many good reasons to support and broaden the Indigenous ranger programs. Rangers can keep going a wonderful ancient tradition of looking after country and inspire their elders to be involved in deepening their knowledge. Rangers contribute to their families and the local economy if they're employed. Young indigenous people may be inspired to stick with their education for meaningful jobs like that. All Australians benefit form learning a bit of cultural knowledge about the land. Important ancient heritage sites get a chance to be known, cared for and shared. There is a greater chance of restoring health to previously neglected areas. Aboriginal rangers can be keen observers of the conservation status of plants and animals that most people don't know about. These species could be the key to medical breakthroughs and health breakthroughs of the future. Biodiversity could save the planet. Aboriginal people everywhere can be proud of their rangers. Non-Aboriginal people can share in this ancient knowledge and tradition. It is a winner strategy for community development and conservation!