Sign the petition calling for long term and more funding for Indigenous Protected Areas in the 2017 Federal Budget

    Dear <Local Member>, Minister Frydenberg, Minister Scullion and Treasurer Morrison,

    Indigenous Protected Area funding must be increased and secured for the long term in the next Federal Budget.

    IPAs are delivering essential services for every Australian by protecting nature over vast areas throughout the Outback, and promoting social and economic benefits for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

    The government should be investing in our people and our landscapes. I want to see investment in Indigenous Protected Areas grow and be secured for the long term.

    Yours faithfully,
    <your name will be inserted here>

    More Indigenous Protected Areas for the long term

    We have been looking after country for thousands of years, and we still do so today. We came back here because country is not healthy without us. We make it palya (good).
    Traditional owners, Kiwirrkurra Indigenous Protected Area

    Indigenous Protected Areas make a huge contribution to protecting our country's beautiful land and sea, and the unique wildlife that lives here.

    But the modest Federal Government funding for Indigenous Protected Areas is due to expire in June 2018, and demand for new Indigenous Protected Areas is high. The Government must secure long term funding for Indigenous Protected Areas in the next Federal Budget, due to be announced in May, and grow funding to support the expansion of at least 10 million hectares of land that Traditional Owners across the country are working to protect.

    When you sign this petition, this message - calling on the Government to grow and secure Indigenous Protected Areas for the long term in the 2017 Budget announcement - will be sent to your local Member, the Environment Minister, the Indigenous Affairs Minister and the Treasurer.

    Indigenous Protected Areas make up over 44% of Australia’s National Reserve System, covering more than 67 million hectares - that's an area nearly the size of the whole state of New South Wales.

    Indigenous Protected Areas enable a strategic, coordinated, accountable plan for protecting nature at the same time as generating meaningful work in remote Indigenous communities and creating new economic opportunities like tourism. Opportunities for new Indigenous Protected Areas are coming up as land claims progress, awareness and capacity of local Indigenous organisations grows, and recognition of IPAs as realistic alternative economic options in many remote areas increases.

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