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Published: 21 Oct 2016

I grew up with the Indigenous people of Arnhem Land in the 70s. I will never forget old Carla and Ruby as my babysitters, my mum was station cook, dad was Park Ranger.. We are white people but that didn't matter to them.. I remember their indicate art weaving their baskets and mats and paintings.. They showed us how to live as one with this beautiful ancient land.. I can remember the wonderous stories around the camp fire and made us laugh with their wonderful sense of humour.. I can remember how hard and diligent they worked on the station and were supreme horse men and anything they set their mind to.. Their souls are entwined with this land and they are the best to tell the world about it when they visit.. Australia is on most people's list to visit and they find one of the most oldest races on the planet fascinating to be around.. It's a win win in my eyes and gives the younger generation proof of a future.. :)