Northern Territory: What are NT politicians doing for Indigenous rangers?

The Northern Territory is a pioneering region for the success of Indigenous rangers and Indigenous Protected Areas. With the Territory election on this weekend, here's details from the parties supporting the growth of Indigenous rangers.

Territory Labor
NT Labor has announced a $14 million package to support Indigenous rangers if elected. The package includes $4.1 million for one off capital grants of up to $100,000, for indigenous ranger groups to help with operational costs like the purchase of items such as vehicles, boats and radio communications equipment. It also includes establishing a land management and conservation fund of $2 million a year to improve conservation practices on Aboriginal lands and sea country. 

This commitment to contribute funding to Indigenous rangers is a forward-thinking recognition of the inspiring environmental and community benefits rangers deliver.

Read Country Needs People's response

View NT Labor's policy on Indigenous rangers


NT Greens

If elected, Greens candidates elected to the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly have announced they would support the national campaign and drive the NT Government to provide funding for:

  • Training to enable rangers to build further on their unique combination of 21st century technology and traditional knowledge,

  • Capacity building in management skills,

  • Business planning to enable ranger groups to expand their income by winning Government and commercial contracts,

  • Better access to Government contracts, and

  • Education in science and technology to prepare the next generation of rangers.


Country Liberal Party and 1Territory

The CLP and 1Territory have not responded as yet with a specific party policy on Indigenous rangers or Indigenous Protected Areas, or in response to our supporters questions we encourage you to contact them directly in your area to find out more. 


With the large number and variety of independents standing we encourage you to contact those you may be interested in your region to find out directly what their position is.  


Country Needs People is nonpartisan - we don't advocate a vote for any particular party or candidate - but want to give you all the info we can to help you to make up your own mind. We also encourage you to contact the candidates in your area to find out what they're doing to support IPAs and Indigenous rangers.

Send a message to your Northern Territory local candidate telling them the growth and security of Indigenous rangers is important to you.