Fuelling jobs

“I’m a ranger for life. This is my favourite job and I always work hard to protect our country and help my community.” - Fabian Gaykamangu, Crocodile Islands ranger

The jobs created by Indigenous land and sea management programs in remote parts of Australia are providing thousands of people with an income… but more than that, they are providing people with hope. These jobs are an opportunity to participate in the economy, be recognised for unique skills, look forward to career progression and be proud of a day’s work.

In 2013–14, approximately 2,191 Indigenous people were employed (full-time, part-time and casually) in ranger and IPA programs. Retention rate is very high at 94 per cent. In 2013–14, only 136 Indigenous employees (6 per cent) were reported to have left the programme (1) (; this is a high retention rate and suggests a high level of job satisfaction.)

The national target of 730 fulltime equivalent Indigenous ranger positions was met in 2015, and the number now stands at close to 800.

Many ranger groups mentor and support Indigenous staff to take on higher positions.

Administering organisations also offer employment opportunities such as directors, managers and cultural advisors. Over 60 per cent of IPA and Indigenous ranger projects facilitated training for their employees.


1. Australian Government (2015). Reporting back...2013-14: Working on Country and Indigenous Protected Areas programmes.