Full Support for Rangers


    Support Indigenous rangers and IPAs

    Over the last decade federal environment department staff dedicated to supporting IPAs and Rangers has been cut by around 95%. Staff capacity needs to be rebuilt if we are to successfully expand Indigenous Protected Areas and Indigenous Ranger teams, sustain their operations into the future and tackle biodiversity loss, climate change impacts and related pressures.

    Your message to your federal politician will keep politicians focused on the need to better support Indigenous land and sea management Australia wide.

    Dear Local Member and Senators,

    As your constituent I strongly support the Federal Government’s commitment to expand Indigenous Rangers and Indigenous Protected Areas Australia-wide, which also received strong support from the Coalition, Greens and independent crossbench members. However, we need to make sure with these great commitments we provide Indigenous community organisations with the support they need.

    We need to rebuild staffing capacity in the federal environment department to better support the frontline Indigenous organisations working on the ground. Indigenous Rangers undertake complex challenging work from fire management to weed and feral pest control to threatened species protection. Rebuilding the environment department’s staff to better support traditional owners to run strong, viable land and sea management will better protect nature, create sustainable local jobs, and support cultural values on land and sea - from cities to the most remote communities. By better supporting Indigenous organisations, every Australian benefits.

    Please make representations on my behalf and keep me informed as to how Indigenous rangers and IPAs will be supported going forward.

    Yours sincerely,