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Biodiversity & Indigenous knowledge, language, empowerment & culture are my top two 'vote switcher' issues. Every election, I write to all candidates... show all

Edwina Barton

Country Needs People Supporter
Australian Capital Territory
IPAs and the Ranger programs are so much more than conservation and employment, they achieve truly wholistic outcomes. They are solid ground... show all

Kurt Sutton

Country Needs People Supporter
What a wonderful way to care for this land and provide jobs for those who really care about it, and have deep... show all

Jennie Smith

Country Needs People Supporter
New South Wales
These Guys are doing a fantastic job and with their knowledge of the country and countryside it would be remiss of us... show all

mark davies

Country Needs People Supporter
South Australia
As an active Cfa member, I see Indigenous Rangers as the obvious path to travel in managing fuel loads and wildfire. Give... show all

Ian Wicks

Country Needs People Supporter
This program is vital because not only does it employ people who have a long history of caring for country, it empowers... show all

Kirsty Dixon

Country Needs People Supporter
We need to combine Aboriginal knowledge with conventional science and technology to save precious animals, like the Mala and Partridge Pigeon, through... show all

Michael Norris

Country Needs People Supporter
Indigenous men and women best placed conservationists of country . Like everyone else work brings dignity. Generationally. A no brainer .

Helen Hopkins

Country Needs People Supporter
Great to see the pride in Rangers looking after country in such important and meaningful work.

Bruce Moffat

Country Needs People Supporter
As a non-Indigenous Australian, it's important to me that the Indigenous people of this land are at the front and centre of... show all

Gretchen Young

Country Needs People Supporter
I felt privileged to be able to spend a week working with the rangers. I was deeply humbled by the connection they... show all

Tom de Souza

Country Needs People Supporter
Western Australia
Getting Traditional Owners onto country is vital to the health of natural resources of that area, and vital to the health of... show all

Huey Benjamin

Country Needs People Supporter
New South Wales
This program is truly amazing - what better way to value, respect and support Indigenous communities than to support rangers?! By taking... show all

Willhemina Wahlin

Country Needs People Supporter
New South Wales
Our country, our rights, our environment, our place, what we give is what we have. Be true to ourselves? Be honest, trust... show all

Elizabeth Vajtauer

Country Needs People Supporter
This land has been protected by Aboriginal peoples for tens of thousands of years, lets ensure this rich culture and knowledge is... show all

Keshni Thaver

Country Needs People Supporter
Help our Mob. This land deserves to be watched over by it's soulmates.

Simone Cameron

Country Needs People Supporter
More indigenous perspective on land management would have extremely positive outcomes not only for biodiversity, but the sustainability and well being of... show all

Joe Dabron

Country Needs People Supporter
New South Wales
We sure do, Indigenous people managed country for 60,000 + plus years without the mass extinctions on flora and fauna as we... show all

Tazmin Duggan

Country Needs People Supporter
Have just returned from the amazing NT with greatest respect to the indigenous rangers elders and families there. Mr Milton Dick (I'm... show all

Jane Smith

Country Needs People Supporter
Indigenous Rangers are the Best and Only continuously successful Federal Aboriginal Programme going! It makes sense, Aboriginal Rangers are the Cultural Heritage... show all

Carol Morrison Logan

Country Needs People Supporter
South Australia
Indigenous ranger programs enable people return to country and themselves... strong again in spirit and body. show all

Maria Tennant

Country Needs People Supporter
Our indigenous brothers and sisters know this land better than most. They respect it. We need more indigenous rangers who know and... show all

Stephen Boyle

Country Needs People Supporter
I've seen the indigenous rangers a number of locations in Quensland and the Northern Territory. Without exception they were knowledgeable and interested... show all

Lawrence Cremin

Country Needs People Supporter
I believe that before white settlment, & all the depravities associated, our land was cared for & genuinely, loved. No mining, definitely... show all

Country Needs People Supporter

I am one of Rangers (Ngurrawaana Rangers),only female ranger. I live in a small community Ngurrawaana. We work out on ngurra means... show all

Jessica Allan

Country Needs People Supporter
Western Australia
We need to love and protect our Planet and I can't think of any better people equiped to love, protect, preserve and... show all

Rae Mitchell

Country Needs People Supporter
When a school child looks around their community and sees proud, strong adults working as Indigenous Rangers that's incredibly valuable to their... show all

Chris Sarra

Indigenous Education Leader, 2016 NAIDOC Person of the Year
Living and working on country is like medicine for my people. Being a ranger is meaningful work that makes us feel good about... show all

Nyaparu Rose

CEO, Nyangumarta Warrarn Aboriginal Corporation
What the ranger program has done for us is it's given men and women with an extremely low literacy rate, who would... show all

Bibido McCarthy

Senior Ranger, Bardi Jawi
I am never going to give up the ranger's job for another job. You can chuck a million dollars at me, I... show all

Barbara Petrick

Central Land Council ranger
Just getting up in the morning going to work and knowing at the end of the week, I've done something meaningful.

Robin Dann

Wunggur Head Ranger
It’s very important we recognise when an initiative is generating multiple returns. Indigenous Rangers and Indigenous Protected Areas are clearly demonstrating that,... show all

Ken Henry

Chairman NAB
Our Aboriginal ranger groups across the Northern Territory have taken responsibility. They are caring for country. They have taken it upon themselves... show all

Nova Peris

Indigenous leader
This is a program that ticks all the boxes in realising the aspirations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders who care for... show all

Ned David

Chair, Gur A Baradharaw Kod Torres Strait Land and Sea Council
From firsthand experience, I can say these programs are world-leading indigenous partnerships that are transforming the lives of Indigenous people across our... show all

Fred Chaney

Former Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party
The primary objectives of the ranger program are environmental and biodiversity outcomes, but they’ve developed it to a whole lot more.  We are... show all

Nolan Hunter

CEO, Kimberley Land Council
Indigenous Rangers and Indigenous Protected Areas are a fantastic example of jobs that contribute to physical, social and emotional health.  People are... show all

Olga Havnen

CEO, Danila Dilba Health Service
The young ones are looking at the ranger program, they're saying yeah, I want to be there, I want to be like... show all

Dean Yibarbuk

Senior Ranger, Warddeken Land Management
Through the Indigenous Ranger Programs and Indigenous Protected Areas, we are building terrific capacity out on the ground where Bilbies still occur.... show all

Rachel Paltridge

Ecologist, Desert Wildlife Services
We have worked really hard to set up our Indigenous protected area and ranger groups but there’s more to do. Our rangers... show all

Rarrtjiwuy Melanie Herdman

Chair, Dhimurru Aboriginal Corporation
This IPA [Indigenous Protected Area], it's amazing. To actually get more old people and young people to look after the land, like... show all

Benjamin Kenny

Kaltukatjara Ranger Coordinator, Central Land Council
Having lived in the Territory for almost a decade, I have seen the incredible impact that ranger programs have had on the... show all


Northern Territory
It’s all about the country and opportunities of work for our young people.

Robbie Wongawol

Birriliburu ranger
I'm a ranger for life. This is my favourite job and I always work hard to protect our country and help my... show all

Fabian Gaykamangu

Ranger, Crocodile Islands
Part of our vision is that our Country will be giving us and our future generations a healthy life. We are already... show all

Catherine Goonack

Chairperson, Wunambal Gaambera Aboriginal Corporation
The CLC rangers teach each other about what works well and keep our country healthy and our communities and languages strong. I... show all

Francis Kelly

Chair, Central Land Council
With the ranger programs, it compliments the protection of our country, and it compliments our land and our culture.

Scott Gorringe

It goes deeper than reconciliation, out here that’s the real thing. I see a lot of talk of reconciliation, but that’s there.... show all

Mike Ross

Olkola Aboriginal Corporation
I see growing and securing Indigenous Rangers and Indigenous Protected Areas for the long term is  a classic example of how government... show all

Glenn Kelly

CEO, National Native Title Council
The CLC’s ranger groups achieve impressive social, economic, cultural and environmental returns on our tax dollars. They help to smash disadvantage, and... show all

David Ross

Country Needs People Supporter
CEO, Central Land Council
People feel proud to be part of a process that not only gives jobs and skills but also recognises their cultural place... show all

Darren Farmer

Birriliburu traditional owner, Central Desert Native Title Services
IPAs recognise that the best people to manage country in Australia are the people that have been managing it for thousands of... show all

Lindsey Langford

Central Desert Native Title Services
You see a big change in people. They are proud to look after their country, to have a meaningful job. But it’s... show all

Phil Rist

CEO, Girringun Aboriginal Corporation
A lot of the old people have passed on now, so it’s up to us rangers. We need to teach our young... show all

Jess Bangu

Karajarri Senior Ranger
I have seen first hand the hard yards that individual Indigenous Rangers and their organisations put in. To safeguard their Indigenous Protected... show all

Barry Traill

Director, Outback to Oceans, Pew Charitable Trusts
The only way to respect the land is to be on country — you can’t do it from town and it means... show all

Michael Ross

Olkola Aboriginal Corporation
Being able to stay on Country and show my people the right way, that’s a big bonus. Everyone’s been seeing the good... show all

Sheen Kitty

Karajarri Ranger
Walking in my father's footprints means paving the way for Indigenous rangers to connect to country through education training and employment. When... show all

katheryn Litherland

Country Needs People Supporter
South Australia
Having just completed a review of Indigenous carbon projects, I can see that solid ranger teams are foundational to connecting with traditional... show all

Jeremy Dore

Project Adviser, Aboriginal Carbon Fund
We love our IPA here on the Gold Coast, we are able to provide training, job opportunities and social gatherings for our... show all

Justine Dillon

Project Coordinator, Guanaba Indigenous Protected Area
As part of the Jawun Partnership I worked preparing and rolling out a Safety Management System for the Rangers of the Kimberley,... show all

John Bursill

Country Needs People Supporter
New South Wales
It is our land-- As a Dharug man I want all our land protected by our people. What better than an Indigenous... show all

Country Needs People Supporter

New South Wales
It's hard to explain the significance of Country to me as a Bundjalung woman. It is me, and I am it. It... show all

Zoe Betar

Country Needs People Supporter
New South Wales
I am a WOC Ranger, my job is to engage with community and educate with heritage and bush tucker. Never have I... show all

Karmal Milsom

South Australia
I am an Aboriginal woman of 59 and have been a paid bush regenerator for a long time. I get to be... show all

Country Needs People Supporter

New South Wales
because if we don't thousands of years of our history will be lost forever, isn't it bad enough that most of our... show all

Dennis Murray

Country Needs People Supporter
Indigenous protected marine areas are going to be essential to keeping our Great Barrier Reef healthy. When I was working on the... show all

Dr Bob Moore

Country Needs People Supporter
South Australia
Aboriginal people in APY Lands, South Australia, we need to work towards our land and we die in this land if we... show all

Albert Fox

Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Executive Board Member for Kalka/Pipalyatjara
I know that I'm making a difference when I hear young people say "I wanna be a Ranger like my uncle".

Chris Hannocks

Land & Sea Manager, Kowanyama, Cape York Peninsula, Qld
As a Founding Director of the Rangers support network The Thin Green Line Foundation, I've witnessed the success of indigenous ranger programs... show all

Andrew Coutts

Country Needs People Supporter

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