The Kiwirrkurra Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) is one of Australia's most recent IPAs - it was established 10 September 2014. 

The Kiwirrkurra IPA covers all 43,000 square kilometres of Kiwirrkurra Country, as recognised in a 2001 Native Title decision. This area falls on the boundary of the Gibson and Great Sandy Deserts. It extends from the Northern edge of Lake Mackay - Wilkinkara - in Northern Territory, south to Lake Macdonald - Karrkurutitja -, and roughly 300 kilometres west into Western Australia. The land is marked by spinifex covered sand plains - wirrini - and dunes - tali. It is home to numerous threatened species, including the bilby (ninu), great desert skink (tjalapa), brush-tailed mulgara (murrtja), marsupial mole (kakarratulpa) and princess parrot (kilkintari). 

The endurance of traditional lifestyles has kept alive much traditional ecological knowledge. Traditional Owners have first-hand knowledge of animals that are now sadly extinct or highly-endagered, and authoritative knowledge of seasonal bush foods and water patterns. They continue to practise traditional fire management practices, thus maintaining habitat and preventing destructive bush fires. Read more detail about Kiwirrkurra here. 

The IPA Management team. Photo courtesy of Central Desert Native Title Services.