Thank Ley and Wyatt FAQ

The federal Minister for Indigenous Australian, Ken Wyatt and Minister for the Environment, Sussan Ley made the fantastic announcement that funding for Indigenous ranger contracts will be extended to 2028. We’ve been calling for longer-term security for Rangers for years and this is a key step in that direction. 

This really shows a meaningful recognition by Ken Wyatt and Sussan Ley of the hard work Indigenous rangers on Indigenous Protected Areas and beyond do every day to care for country.

Extending federal government Indigenous ranger funding out to 2028 will allow ranger groups to plan to tackle long-term environmental threats like uncontrolled wildfires, feral animals, noxious weeds and to protect culturally significant sites.

In these uncertain times with coronavirus, it’s even more important that this clear commitment of continuity and stability to jobs and operational funding is sent out to the many ranger groups working hard across the country. It’s not only important for nature and culture but for jobs that support local families and communities.  

But we also know that Australia is a huge country and there are many environmental threats and pressures to tackle. Being a ranger is meaningful work that has a lot of other benefits for local communities. This means there is a huge demand from traditional owner communities for more Indigenous ranger jobs.

That’s why Country Needs People, our 40 Indigenous land and sea management partner organisations, and our growing number of over 100 000 Indigenous and non-Indigenous supporters are calling for the federal government to not rest and double the funding for Indigenous rangers and Indigenous Protected Areas over time. 
Join us now to congratulate Ministers Wyatt and Ley on their announcement show them that Australians value the work of Rangers and Indigenous Protected Areas and want to see more done by doubling their funding over time.