NT Action Accordion

Over the last few years, the NT Government has supported Indigenous Ranger groups across the Territory with a funding program to help their operations. These grants provide crucial support from ranger bases to work vehiclesessential equipment and key project funding, enabling Indigenous Rangers to manage fire, weeds, feral animals, cultural values and environmental threats on Country. 

But the funding is due to run out soon. By signing this petition you will send a message to your local MP or candidate to help ensure this vital funding continues. Ahead of the 2024 NT Election, now is the right time to let your local candidates know that Territorians want secure funding for Indigenous Rangers for the next term of government. 

Sign the petition to call on all NT pollies to publicly commit to extend funding for Indigenous Rangers before the 2024 election. 

From the desert to the mangroves, across millions of hectares of our Territory environment, Indigenous Rangers keep nature, culture and people strong. 

Right across our Territory, in some of the toughest and remote places, Indigenous Rangers do a great job of managing land and sea Country. They control fire, feral animals, invasive weeds, ghost nets and much more, at the same time as creating local jobs that people are proud to do. 

As a proud Territorian who values our great natural environment and the people who make it what it is, I want to see direct investment in practical things that benefit nature and people, like Indigenous Rangers and their work caring for CountryThis means extending the highly valued and successful Aboriginal Ranger Grants Program 

Indigenous Rangers have been a fantastic success story for our Territory, and we need to keep supporting this work into the future to benefit every Territorian.   

We haven’t yet heard whether there will be ongoing support for the Ranger grants program over the next term of government, and I want to hear your plans for its extension and growth. 

From tackling the threats of invasive weeds like gamba and mimosa grasses, to cleaning up our coastlines, to managing fire to protect nature, life and property, and protecting our threatened species, there is plenty of work to do. Indigenous Ranger work provides real jobs right across the Territory from Darwin and Alice to regional and remote communities where they are badly needed. 

Our beautiful Territory environment and lifestyle depends on healthy country - that’s why the tourists come and it’s a key part of the everyday work of Rangers. If we want to create positive opportunities in the Territory, we have to invest in our local people, and you can’t get more local than Indigenous Rangers living and working in their own communities, right across the Territory. 

Please tell me you and your party’s plans to grow and extend the funding for Indigenous Rangers in the Territory to protect country and culture and help strengthen our economy.