Sign the petition to your local candidates asking what they'll do for more Indigenous rangers

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Dear <your local candidates' names will be inserted here>

I am writing to tell you, as a candidate in my electorate, that the growth and security of Indigenous ranger programs and Indigenous Protected Areas is an important issue for me in the lead up to the election, and to ask you to support the call to invest in the success of these programs.

Around the country, Indigenous rangers are protecting endangered animals, managing fire for safety, emissions reduction and biodiversity,  controlling invasive weeds and feral animals, conducting and supporting research, and managing tourists. This work protecting nature and transforming lives right across Australia.

Indigenous land and sea management programs are also delivering positive cultural and community outcomes, including improved health, leadership, education and employment opportunities for both men and women in disadvantaged regions. Indigenous rangers are protecting nature and transforming lives across Australia.

I call on you and your party to support the Country Needs People campaign's call to double funding and secure longer term contracts for Indigenous rangers.  Please let me know what your party plans to do to support growth and security of Indigenous land and sea management programs. 

Yours sincerely

<your name will be inserted here>