Working for the Territory

This message will be sent to your local candidates in the Territory election

The Territory moved early on dealing with the threat from COVID-19. It’s been a tough few months, but Territorians have stepped up to do the right thing. Now we need government to back Territorians by moving early to grow funding for the work of Territory based Indigenous Rangers.

The current four-year funding program to support this work isn’t yet funded past this year and I want to hear your plans for its extension and growth.

From tackling the threats of invasive weeds like gamba grass and mimosa, to cleaning up our coastlines, to managing fire in the landscape throughout the year and protecting our threatened species there is plenty of work to do. Indigenous Ranger work provides real jobs right across the Territory from Darwin and Alice to regional and remote communities.

Our beautiful Territory environment and lifestyle depends on healthy country, that’s why the tourists come and it’s a key part of the everyday work of rangers. If we want to rebuild opportunities in the Territory, we have to invest in our local people, and you can’t get more local than Indigenous Rangers living and working across the Territory.

Please tell me you and your party’s plans to grow and extend the funding for Indigenous Rangers in the Territory to protect country and culture and help rebuild our economy.