Let’s help rangers get working for WA


Our state of Western Australia is different.  It’s big, beautiful and worth looking after, and that means there is a lot of work to do to care for all of our natural and cultural heritage. We need people working on country that are supported to tackle feral animals, control weeds, manage fire and protect sacred sites. Who better than the local Traditional Owners through community based Aboriginal Rangers.  

Covid-19 made 2020 a tough year for everyone but now we need to get things back on track for the future.  Growing, extending and improving the WA Aboriginal Ranger Program can support jobs where they are valued and needed while helping our environment and cultural heritage. Ahead of the 2021 State election, it’s an important time to let your local pollie know they can improve the way WA’s Aboriginal Rangers are supported by:

  • Boosting funding for rangers statewide
  • Making sure that funding for ranger jobs and operational needs are ongoing
  • Making sure we are working closely with community based traditional owner groups so that the funding better meets their needs and priorities.