Country Needs People welcomes Ken Wyatt commitment to existing Indigenous Ranger contracts on World Ranger Day

Published: 9 Aug 2021

Quotes attributable to Patrick O'Leary, Executive Director of Country Needs People.

"It's very encouraging to hear on World Ranger Day that Minister Ken Wyatt has confirmed
the renewal of federally funded Indigenous Ranger contracts out to 2028."

"We have over 40 partner groups right across Australia, and I know that so many of them will be relieved to be able to plan with certainty for the future."

"Any of our partners will tell you that there are multiple challenges to running effective community-based land and sea management. The key is having certainty about your operations. It means be able to plan well, engage staff over the long term, and to sustain the gains made in improving country."

"Increasingly around Australia, there is more recognition of the value that traditional owners bring to managing country. Managing fire, feral animals, invasive weeds, caring for cultural sites, disaster response, keeping tourists safe and passing on knowledge to younger generations are just some of the work Indigenous Rangers are doing across Australia. All guided by their elders."

"Our biodiversity and cultural land and seascapes are a product of thousands of years of shared history with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Who better to be managing country today, combining modern technology and science with local and traditional knowledge and know-how?"

"This can't be just a short-term project, it has to be ongoing, and we know Australia is a huge country and there is so much more to do."

"There is plenty of demand for working on country Around Australia. From Torres Strait to the Deserts and the Kimberley, and everywhere in between. We need to plan for a steady expansion of this really positive program to look after country and culture. Caring for country create more opportunities for jobs in the remote areas, regions and the cities."

"We can generate more jobs for young people, more jobs for women, we can strengthen local communities and see more country managed."

"We are calling on all federal politicians and candidates to further grow and secure Indigenous Ranger and Indigenous Protected Area funding into the future. We want to see more of the multiple benefits the programs deliver for every Australian, but for today it's great news to see existing rangers with some more job security."