Send a message of appreciation to Ministers Ley and Wyatt for announcing seven new Indigenous Protected Areas.

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    Join us in sending a message of appreciation to Ministers Sussan Ley and Ken Wyatt for expanding the Indigenous Protected Area network.

    On 28 October, Minister for the Environment, Sussan Ley, and Minister for Indigenous Australians, Ken Wyatt, announced the funding of seven new Indigenous Protected Areas.

    Covering up to 16.5 million hectares of country, once completed these new Indigenous Protected Areas would increase the IPA network by nearly 30% and mean that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people will be caring for more than half of Australia’s protected lands.

    We want to show the Environment Minister and Minister for Indigenous Australians that we appreciate it when the government grows and secures funding for Indigenous Protected Areas.

    This announcement is recognition of the important hard work Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples do day-in-day-out caring for country.

    Learn more about the announcement of the new proposed Indigenous Protected Areas here.

    P.S. - The amazing photos at the top of the page are from Arafura Swamp, one of the seven new IPAs. 

    Led by traditional owners, in partnership with the federal government, an Indigenous Protected Area is a plan for caring for the natural and cultural values of that specific country.

    An IPA plan often includes tackling threats to country like feral animals, noxious invasive weeds and destructive wildfires.

    Since the first IPA was declared 21 years ago, IPAs have grown dramatically. Once all new IPAs are completed, the IPA network will cover nearly 100 million hectares, slightly larger than the area of South Australia.

    Dear Ministers Ley and Wyatt,

    It was really great to see your announcement of seven new Indigenous Protected Areas this week. I support growing and securing the wonderful work being done on Indigenous Protected Areas and by Indigenous rangers. It was great to see that success recognised in your statements about this too. Soon, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people will be caring for more than half of Australia’s protected areas on land, and I think that is something every Australian can be proud of and grateful for.

    As a person who strongly supports the contribution of IPAs to nature, culture and local jobs, I would love to see more Indigenous Protected Areas across our country. Australia is a big place and there is a lot of country to look after.

    I congratulate you on taking this important step and hope to see more growth and security of the Indigenous Protected Area and Indigenous ranger programs into the future.

    Yours sincerely,