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There's more you can do

Thank you for adding your voice to the call for more Indigenous ranger jobs and more Indigenous Protected Areas for the long term.

Together, more than 50 000 of us have had a huge influence. Here's a video of some of our work this year.

In 2017 alone:

  • the federal government committed to $15 million for new Indigenous Protected Areas;
  • the federal government has funded new ranger groups plus committed to spend $30 million on ranger capacity development;
  • the Australian Labor Party has recommitted to doubling Indigenous ranger jobs nationally;
  • the WA government has committed to $20 million for Indigenous rangers;
  • the NT government has followed through on their commitment for $14 million for Indigenous rangers;
  • the Queensland Government has announced 25 new Indigenous ranger jobs;
  • plus Indigenous rangers have been in the media, at Parliament and all over social media.

But we need to do more. Despite promises from the government, funding for Indigenous Protected Areas and Indigenous rangers is due to expire in June 2018. We need them to follow through with signed contracts to deliver on those promises.  We need funding certainty for the long term, and the government needs to invest in nature and invest in people by growing Indigenous ranger jobs and Indigenous Protected Areas further.

There's more you can do:

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PS. the Country Needs People campaign is completely non-partisan - we reckon all sides of politics should get behind success and support more Indigenous rangers and Indigenous Protected Areas for the long term.