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Before the election in 2017, Treasurer and Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships, Jackie Trad said: 
A re-elected Labor Government will continue to support this special program and look for ways to build upon its successes to date.” 
 Since then, the growth in the program has stalled. Considering the size of Queensland and the community demand, this is not enough. Join us in calling for the Queensland government to grow the number of Indigenous ranger jobs in Queensland.
Indigenous rangers are delivering powerful results for nature and for people in Queensland. Rangers are tackling the threats of feral animals, invasive weeds and destructive wildfires, as well as rescuing and researching wildlife, maintaining tourism sites, and protecting cultural sites. All that at the same time as delivering the inspirational benefits of meaningful work that people are proud to do.

Queensland’s Indigenous Land and Sea Ranger program is internationally acclaimed for its outstanding results across some of the most ecologically special environments in the world. 

But there is an urgent need to grow the number of Indigenous ranger jobs to meet the scale of environmental need and demand from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Dear local candidates,

After a huge year of dealing with COVID-19 we need to make sure we’re in a good position for the future.  Aboriginal Rangers in WA are something I strongly support and that brings multiple benefits across our state.

The current funding program for Aboriginal Rangers in WA has been a great start but doesn’t meet the scale of the environmental and social need or the strong demand from traditional owners across our enormous state. 

We know that Aboriginal rangers deliver powerful results for country and for every West Australian. Rangers work to control feral animals, reduce noxious weeds, manage destructive wildfires and use burning to protect biodiversity and cultural values, as well as caring for threatened species, maintaining tourism sites and protecting sacred sites. The work of Aboriginal rangers every day benefits all West Australians. 

We’ve been through a tough year and a strong investment and improved delivery of Aboriginal Ranger funding would be a great way to start 2021. Properly funded, these are jobs that deliver the huge cultural and social benefits that only meaningful employment can. The work being done is helping protect the natural values of WA that we all love.

We know that WA’s Aboriginal rangers need longer-term funding for their work. We know there is demand for more Ranger jobs. And we know that if we improve the way groups are funded and listen to what they need, we can do better in caring for nature and supporting people.   

WA’s Aboriginal Ranger Program is a win for country, a win for culture, and a win for the economy.  That’s why it’s so important to me.

So can you please tell me what your party will do to strengthen WAs Aboriginal Ranger Program, to create jobs in the bush and the regions, to support traditional owners managing their own country, and to help protect nature for all of us?

Yours sincerely,

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Join us in sending a message to Queensland politicians to match their words with action.

    Indigenous rangers are delivering jobs for the regions and practical environmental results that benefit every Queenslander.

    As your local constituent, I strongly support growing the number of Indigenous ranger jobs.

    The Queensland Indigenous Land and Sea Ranger program has a great reputation, and we need to build on that. Rangers are tackling feral animals, invasive weeds and destructive wildfires, at the same time as delivering benefits to local communities and families.

    Successive governments have recognised that the ranger program is working for Queensland and supported its growth, but we know in a big state there is so much more environmental and community demand. In the past, the LNP has backed ranger work and I would like to hear your plans for continuing to strengthen it into the future.

    What will your party do to grow and secure the Indigenous Land and Sea Ranger Program?

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