Indigenous rangers - Friends of Indigenous Rangers and Indigenous Protected Areas

What are Indigenous Rangers?

WoC Ranger map

Indigenous people have long-held cultural and traditional responsibilities to protect and manage their land and sea country. They own an estimated 20 per cent of the Australian continent, upon which lies some of our most environmentally precious natural assets and, for Indigenous people, is rich in cultural and spiritual meaning.  Federally funded Indigenous Rangers, (formerly known as the Working on Country program) build on Indigenous traditional knowledge to protect and manage land and sea country. More than 680 Indigenous rangers are employed in around 95 ranger teams across Australia to deliver environmental outcomes. It is expected that around 730 rangers will be trained and employed through Working on Country by June 2015.

Where do Indigenous Rangers work?

The map above shows that from the desert to the tropics and from the Arafura sea off the Northern Territory to Australia's Southern seas off Tasmania, Indigenous Rangers are working in a wide range of environments. Managing fire, controlling feral animals and tackling invasive weeds they perform a critical role in keeping our environment healthy.