Words from Nyangumarta Elder Nyaparu Rose trigger outpouring of support

Published: 10 Aug 2016

After the federal election, Nyangumarta Elder Nyaparu Rose sent an email to Country Needs People supporters giving them an update on the campaign and appealing to supporters to remain as tenacious as she is. The outpouring of support she received was incredible...

Reading the responses was so inspiring, we thought we'd share some of them with you!


"Your organisation, ancient culture and our country is cherished by many, me included." - Andrew, Victoria


"Your letter has given me hope for Australia and its countryside. Please keep up the good work. I will continue to support the country ranger program." - Janet, Queensland


"Working with people like you is a privilege and an honour." - Mark, Victoria


"Auntie we are so behind you." - Jessica, Australian Capital Territory


"Thank you for all that you are, all that you do and all that you believe in. Thank you for being the voice of so many who feel the same as you do in our community and struggle to be heard. The passion is alive. I admire you, respect you and am proud to support you." - Shayne, Western Australia


"I am a strong supporter of your vision. Keep me in the loop and I will respond." - Jason, New South Wales


"Thanks for your message and I will continue to support you and this great project." - Margaret, Queensland


"I believe the ranger program and IPAs is the most important innovation for Indigenous people in a long time... I strongly stand by you." - David, Queensland


"Well done. You are saving generations. And the great country we live in." - Linda, Western Australia


"Anytime you need help to promote your cause for our indigenous people, the rightful owners of this land, you have my assistance.  Who else can be better prepared than indigenous people of any country to look after and protect the environment they live in." - Kevin, Victoria
"Excellent news Nyaparu. Love your energy." - Brett, New South Wales
"With all my heart I believe that the traditional people of the land are those who know and understand it. I believe that the land and its original people are one. I certainly do wish you well, and hope that there will be Indigenous rangers everywhere!" - Loraine, Victoria

"What a wonderful thing you are doing, Nyaparu…What you are doing is important for you and your mob (and the rest of us)… If you believe in what you are doing is the right thing and what you need to do, then you have my full support. I hope that the government will see that it is the right thing to do and help you fund this project.  I will always stand behind you and your mob, the original sovereign owners of the land that we live on." - Janine, Australia



"Thank you we appreciate your vision and efforts." - Tracy, New South Wales


"Congratulations on gaining support for such an important project. I'm proud to be a supporter." - Angela, New South Wales


Here's Nyaparu's email:



We really appreciate receiving your feedback (positive and negative). Please email us to send through your ideas. Thank you!


Above photo: Matthew West of Kiwirrkurra IPA, Nyaparu Rose and Robbie Wongawol who is a Birriliburu ranger in Parliament reading the newspaper featuring a Country Needs People ad.