Anangu Tjutaku (Spinifex) IPA Announced

Published: 13 Oct 2022

The new An̲angu Tjutaku IPA protects a landscape of great cultural significance and ecological importance. In one of Australia’s most remote communities where the land management work of Pila Nguru and the Spinifex Rangers is critical.

It was fantastic to be out on Country in Tjuntjuntjara this week, to celebrate the dedication of the new An̲angu Tjutaku Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) with the Spinifex, Pilki and Untiri Pulka People.

The An̲angu Tjutaku IPA spans a whopping 9.79 million hectares, making it the third largest IPA in Australia, found in the heart of Australia's largest desert, the Great Victoria Desert. This is the home of the Spinifex, Pilki and Untiri Pulka Traditional Owners, most of whom live within Spinifex Country in Tjuntjuntjara, one of the most remote communities in Australia, over 600km from the closest town Kalgoorlie.

Our deep thanks to the community for hosting us and our guests this week.

Photo Credits: Liam Byrne, Alan McDonald & Paddy O'Leary.