Gamba Grass Massive Threat to Biodiversity, Safety and Culture

Published: 27 Feb 2023

Gamba grass fire. Photo by Samantha Setterfield, University of Western Australia.

Gamba grass is a massive threat to biodiversity, human safety and culture. This invasive weed is a threat to every ecosystem in the tropical savanna region between Cape York, Top End and the Kimberley, and the longer your leave it the worse the issue becomes. Gamba grass can turn annual burns into dangerous wildfires but can also form a monoculture and push out other native species including bush tucker and bush medicines. Gamba grass is threatening the hard work of Indigenous Rangers and Indigenous Protected Areas from right across Northern Australia.

State and federal governments are simply not placing high enough priority on eradicating and containing this aggressive weed. It's time to invest the time and money in strategic eradication and control campaigns.  

A new report recommends urgent expansion of gamba grass eradication zone in Litchfield National Park, where gamba grass has now taken over 20% of the park. Read full story on ABC Online.