Outback Forum key opportunity to promote work of Indigenous rangers

Published: 4 Mar 2016

An Outback Forum to be held at Parliament House on 17 March will emphasise key challenges and opportunities for Outback Australia.


Indigenous ranger programs will be a vital ingredient in efforts to tackle the decline of Outback Australia. Indigenous ranger programs are creating positive outcomes for their communities and  delivering a real and substantial return on investment.

The work Indigenous rangers do to restore degraded landscapes, to eradicate weeds and feral animals, and to combine traditional practice and modern science to manage fires, is exactly the type of prescription we need in the Outback.

The Forum for the Outback will focus some of the Australia’s leading minds on the complex issue of what we can do to protect and restore some of our most fragile landscapes.

Conservation. Economics. Health. Traditional ownership. How to get state and federal governments behind Outback renewal. These issues and more form the centrepiece of a new conversation about our beloved Outback.

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