You want entrepreneurs, we got entrepreneurs

Published: 28 Jan 2016

Indigenous leaders call for more entrepreneuralism to end disadvantage in Indigenous communities in The Australian today. 



60% of Indigenous ranger groups across Australia provide commercial services to the private, farming and government sectors.

They are expert fire managers, a feral animal's nightmare and the noxious weed's worst enemy.

They are also some of the best Indigenous community educators and role models around, and they are delivering massive social benefits for their people.

After five years of planning and training, Ngadju Conservations is independently managing its ranger program. Ngadju have ambitious goals to use Working on Country funding and commercial contracts to employ more people like Female Ranger Coordinator, Jasmine McPhee, to work on Ngadju country in the southern Goldfields and Nullarbor region.
Indigenous rangers. Protecting nature, transforming lives.